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WebMD.com lists recent research:
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"medical hypnosis"


You'll be amazed at the power of medical hypnosis when used by trusted professionals.

New! EMDR - assist™ audio/light devices for professional use only (used in my TheraSounds™ hypnosis for the public)

NEW! All my recordings can be used with "mind machine" light goggles! Email for details.

Hypnosis (only in true professional's hands) can make you
happier, healthier and more successful.

 Hypnotherapy has been recognized by the American Medical Association
 as a valid medical treatment since 1958.

I discovered hypnotism while studying medicine.
Now, self hypnosis tapes CDs offer you the instant benefits of hypnotherapy & EMDR, at the push of a button.

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Beautiful guided imagery takes you on a relaxing fun journey to a happy place with my free hypnosis scripts, $19.95 CDs or instant mp3 downloads. It's easy to:






Get success in all aspects of life.


Develop instant positive thinking power.


Have a great LOVE-LIFE.


Achieve YOUR goals, desires.


Lose weight, stop smoking, escape addictions.


Become free from fears or phobias.


Stress management, instant relaxation.


Emotional healing, security, self-esteem.


Attract or create the mate you want.


Become lovable.


Develop a magnetic dynamic personality.


Replace anxiety & depression with
peace of mind, inner peace.


Use guided meditations, power prayers,
spiritual development (find love & God).


Build more energy, stamina.


Achieve healing.


Get great sleep. Help towards insomnia cure.


Safety you can Trust: The only recordings from a Howard Hughes award winning MD, PhD (Stanford) with additional training from Rockefeller University & many more. See "credentials".

My personal no-risk 100% guarantee.

Powerful & Effective:
Scientifically developed. Time proven history. Even if you've tried other tapes (or my regular line), try our special scientific TheraSounds™ versions. 

30 self-help, self-improvement topics:
Success with everything from weight loss, addiction (habits), self esteem, fears, sleep, love-life and relationship issues (see links).

Easy to use: Just press play, sit or lay back & relax. It does all the work for you.

Big Bonuses: All my hypnotism audio programs include "trigger words". For instance, if you're upset, your subconscious mind will be programmed to become instantly calm when you silently say to yourself (or a trusted friend says), "peaceful now". You also get a "relax, relax, relax" command, that takes you back into a relaxed and aware deep hypnotic state where you can both transcend problems and create solutions in your own mind. You'll be amazed by how powerful and handy this is.

Inexpensive: Far less than other low quality cheap "knock off" deals made by people with questionable credentials and skills. Sale prices start at only $19.95 and drop for packages.


It is very powerful, yet people who wouldn't let anyone but an MD for brain surgery, trust unlicensed strangers to treat their mind.

The mind controls our lives, success or failure with wealth, happiness, relationships, EVERYTHING.

ALL crimes are committed by those with sick minds. ALL successes are due to a healthy goal focused mind.

I'm an MD, PhD. The first link on this page is to my credentials. Please be skeptical about anyone's credentials - your mind creates your life, health and happiness. 

I developed TheraSounds™ & EMDR-assist.

A small investment in it can radically change your life.

I get no money from this site because of my charity donations... you benefit because I charge far less than the con artists.
Please support the charities if you feel this is worthwhile.

Typical Misunderstandings about Hypnosis, Meditation and Being Hypnotized:

Myth: Hypnotism is unscientific superstitious nonsense.

Fact: While many of the early theories were shown to be "hogwash", it works, is time proven, and research has increasingly shown it to be an effective science for treating various diseases, trauma, phobias and self-improvement.

Myth: Hypnotism is evil.
Fact: Hypnotism isn't "voodoo" or black magic. Even prayer and meditation induce an altered state and are forms of self-hypnosis and hypnotic induction. It is not "forbidden" by most religions, but if you're still concerned, ask for God's protection or guidance before each session. We include a "white light" visualization at the beginning that many people find comforting.

Myth: Only those with a weak mind or will can be hypnotized.

Clinical studies show that's simply untrue. The most intelligent and strong-willed people in the world are good subjects and use some form of hypnosis or meditation.

Myth: You're unconscious while in a hypnotic trance and can be made to do "weird" or embarrassing things against your will. 

Studies prove hypnosis makes you more aware than normal and that you can't be made to do anything against your will. Being "controlled" is a superstitious myth perpetuated by movies/TV, ignorance, and a few "stage hypnotists" who use "fakers" in their audience. Real hypnotism actually gives you MORE control over yourself, and self discipline. 


Unconscious Beliefs Program Our Days

Scientific research shows that as many as 98% of your thoughts and actions are from the subconscious mind. Our beliefs have been "programmed" into us since birth - without our knowledge or approval.

It's also shaped by society, our experiences, and the programming of people we grew up with. Many of the problems we have are due to that. The good news? It can be fixed! 

You can greatly improve your life, just by changing your programming. Hypnosis and self-hypnosis can alter "bad" programming and give you keys to quickly mastering your life. 


Better Programming, Better Life

The history of hypnosis is extensive. For decades, people have been discovering the fact that if they put their sub-conscious to work for them (instead of letting it "accidentally" work against them), their life keeps getting better and better, almost miraculously.

Hypnotism, via hypnosis tapes / CDs, is one of the quickest, easiest roads to changing yourself and improving your life. It's great for helping others too.

Discover for yourself why millions of people have used this enjoyable, relaxing and convenient way to achieve their goals.

As the old saying goes, this is the first day of the rest of your life (and mine). Hypnosis Tapes™ can make a difference. For less than what most people earn in ONE DAY, you can help drastically improve the REST OF YOUR LIFE. And with my 100% satisfaction money back guarantee, you owe it to yourself (or a friend) to try it.


What's EMDR?

EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing)is the latest scientifically proven advancement in psychotherapy, PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), trauma and anxiety of any kind.

Basically, it involves gently stimulating the brain via watching a finger move back and forth, a light, tapping or a sound. Details are all over the web, and will soon be on my own site.

I pioneered the research and development of my own systems of audio and light brainwave synchronization for decades, developing unique methods for EMDR therapy, training and hypnosis.

Please see my advanced EMDR-assist sounds ™ page for my unique tools for EMDR therapists or do-it-yourself combination EMDR-hypnosis tapes and CDs. Some of the techniques are also used in our children's stories tapes and CDs.



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